Facebook Adds New Fuction To Make GIF Now

Facebook Is already working on its built-in camera and keeps on adding many new feature, and this time they added GIF feature, so that you can now make your own GIF and post it. The Next Web spotted this feature. From now on you can access this new feature by just tapping the camera icon and swiping right to enable quick GIF.

This function works very good and very well optimized, you can also add some new filters and frames to these files(Prisma-esque effects included). This feature is limited as you can’t download this files but you can share them on Facebook as a post or story. You can also save them but these can be access through Facebook only.

facebook GIf Feature

This feature is rolling out slowly, not many can use this feature now but soon you are going to be. This feature is not app related so if I give an apk link, you wont get access to this until you are allowed to.

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