Meizu Pro 7 Is Launching With Second Screen On The Back On July 26

Meizu Pro 7 is the new flagship phone of their series which is launching on July 26, and looks like they added a new feature ie second screen on the back to get some extra information.

The pro 7 screens were leaked out last monday and shows a pretty good design. It was a video and after that Android Authority noted that their isn’t any E Ink panel rather a full LCD screen that only covers the back part of the phone. You can still hold the phone without blocking half of the screen.

We still don’t know that what is the motive of meizu to add a back screen, wait till July 26 and we will get to know for what it is actually. Maybe it will be for notifications, time and date. Specifications might be 5.2-inch 1080p display, dual 12MP rear cameras, a 16MP front-facing lens for selfies, and run off a MediaTek Helio X30, There are also some rumours that meizu will launch pro 7 larger version with this pro 7 on July 26.

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