Microsoft Partners With BMW To Put Skype In Their Cars

Microsoft is expanding its partnership with BMW to enable users to use Skype for business in their cars that uses BMW’s iDrive system. BMW was the first one to enable Office 365 services in cars, and this new feature will help uses to do business while driving through built-in entertainment system.

This feature will only work for business, not for their entertainment use. The system will work by triggering notifications for meetings, allowing drivers to dial-in without having to enter the conference number details manually. BMW will also enable tighter integration with calendars, contacts, and to-do lists all from Microsoft’s Exchange service. They are planning to enable this feature first in UK, france, Germany and their successful release in these countries, they are going to release it globally.

BMW also said before that they are planning to add Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant in their latest cars as a part of Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle vision. Through this Cortona they can call someone, access calendar, read news and many more which can be accessed through dashboard screen.

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